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Deciphering The Golden Flower One Secret at a Time – Book Trailer

LIfe Force Books celebrates authors investigating the scientific aspects of Kundalini~Life Force energy. Our mission is publishing Kundalini books, spiritual consciousness books, and Kundalini Yoga books that feature reliable, authoritative Kundalini meditation techniques and experiences. We feature authors whose prime directive is questioning the major spiritual orthodoxies of the day and who are committed to research on topics such as: energy cultivation techniques, correct breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, and the relationship between sexual energy and higher consciousnessAn active Kundalini puts you on the healthy path to overcoming addiction and expressing your artistic creativity. It is also a healing force, a warranty for a tired, aging body. Finally, because Kundalini helps you realize that death is only another state of consciousness, you are better prepared to face the transition to other states, including a reincarnate one.

JJ Semple

DGFDeciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time (Life Force Books, 2007). For the first time, a book dares to reveal how the alchemy behind Kundalini affects sexual relationships. JJ Semple shares his first-hand adventures with the women who influenced his awakening. A detective story and a how-to, this interpretive companion piece to The Secret of the Golden Flower was written by an authentic practitioner.


The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini (Life Force Books, 2014). In his latest book, JJ Semple presents a collection of living case studies on Kundalini, documenting the many ways Kundalini is awakened, including sexual ecstasy, meditation, drugs, emotional crises, eye-gazing, and Shaktipat. All of which illustrate how Kundalini produces major beneficial mutations that get passed along in DNA code to the next generation.


For anyone wishing to connect the dots between the various aspects of the secret teachings and how they relate to modern science, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death (Life Force Books, 2008) is a must. JJ Semple explains how the backward-flowing method, a system for safe sexual sublimation, permanently activates Kundalini by stimulating neuroplastic activity in the brain, showing that Kundalini is evolutionary biology.

sexologyFinal-FJM Thumbnail 200x300

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini (Life Force Books, 2015). First, there’s a limited amount of semen in the male body. Neither you, nor I, can change this; it’s a biological fact. Second, although you can’t replenish what’s been lost, you can conserve what’s left. The amount you conserve influences your ability to manage living with an awakened Kundalini.

Margaret Dempsey

The inner event that awakens Kundalini remains a mystery. In Margaret Dempsey’s case, years of Buddhist meditation, galvanized by a traumatic contact with an attractive man, triggered the “uprising of Shakti.” Her honesty in not attempting to glamorize the awakening attests to its authenticity. The author’s real Self, to which Kundalini eventually brought her, is in evidence from page one, as she describes her upbringing in Catholic Ireland, her days in a boarding school run by nuns, her training as a nurse, and her escape to London, New York and India.

2013 Conference Book Cover

Margaret Dempsey received a strong inner instruction to put together the 2013 UK Kundalini Conference 2013. This book contains the speakers talks from the conference. Says Dempsey about Kundalini: "Energy (Kundalini) rose from the base of my spine and afterwards life flowed and had grace and harmony. It has taken time for the shifts that this awakened energy produced to integrate to the point where I am grounded, clear and focused."

Neil Bethell SInclair 

SFFThe Spirit Flies Free: The Kundalini Poems — Not only do these poems plumb the depths of spiritual enlightenment, they encompass the entirety of human experience, from politics to love, from current events to psychology, they are also fun, witty, and relevant.

Gopi Krishna 

GK-Kundalini_1inKundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man — Gopi Krishna's extraordinary biographical account of his experience with the mysterious Kundalini Power, a book that is already a classic in its field, widely read and quoted by writers on mysticism, consciousness research, awakening Kundalini.


Our Fiction Department is unique, offering titles by authors who have become artistically inspired as a result of a Kundalini awakening. If you're involved with Kundalini, either before, during, or after activation, and you've felt the urge to express yourself in some artistic fashion — on of the effects a Kundalini awakening bestows on its adepts — check out our creatively inspired authors, Cliff Terrell's, The Shooting Case (some call it detective fiction. We call it awareness fiction) and Paul Lyons's Natalie, A Kundalini Love Story (A powerful account of the erotic path to transcendence).

Paul Lyons

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Natalie: A Kundalini Love Story, by Paul Lyons

Jim and Natalie meet on a freezing London sidewalk. He is hurrying to a business meeting. The beautiful Thai woman is shoplifting a bottle of Listerine. With no way of communicating but sex and thirty words of English, their love must surely destroy them, as Jim’s financial judgement deserts him and Natalie becomes entangled with the gang that trafficked her to England.

ShootingCaseCover-72hThe Shooting Case — Author Cliff Terrell's faced-paced thriller about a bungled investigation doesn't slow down until detective Trevor Nash unravels this tale of murder and political intrigue. Alternating between Western Massachusetts and North Carolina, Nash fends off opposition from police and politicians as the murders keep piling up. Romance and mystery In Kindle eBook format only.

Children's Books

9780979533150-ColorSS.inddHalloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum — The first in the delightful Ooga Ooga Ooum children's book series. Published under the Zardoz Press imprint, this title addresses the issue of fear of the dark in an amusing fashion and is beautifully illustrated by Suzette Turner. Other titles in the series, namely Middle School Ooga-Ooum and Basketball Ooga-Ooum, will follow shortly.

Life Force Books also produces audio and video instructional programs, such as Kundalini Yoga videos and CDs for mastering diaphragmatic deep breathing, a prerequisite for Kundalini meditation.

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