It’s the day after your Kundalini awakening. Now what are you going to do?

Kundalini Awakening and Meditation Books

Life Force Books celebrates authors investigating the scientific aspects of Kundalini~Life Force energy. Our mission is publishing Kundalini books, books on consciousness, meditation, mindfulness, enlightenment, and energy cultivation that feature reliable, authoritative techniques and experiences. We feature authors whose prime directive is questioning the major spiritual orthodoxies of the day and who are committed to research on topics such as: energy cultivation techniques, correct breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, and the relationship between sexual energy and higher consciousness. An active Kundalini puts you on the healthy path to overcoming addiction and expressing your artistic creativity. It is also a healing force, a warranty for a tired, aging body. Finally, because Kundalini helps you realize that death is only another state of consciousness, you are better prepared to face the transition to other states, including a reincarnated one.


Cover Tinkertoy

Tales of the Tinkertoy

Much has been written about 1968, one of the most turbulent year in American history. TV producer Gus Mazur lands in the middle of it, covering war, assassination, and racial tension the world over. Stunned when his fiancé leaves him for a drug addict, he endeavors to find the "right" woman," striking out before connecting with a lovely Chinese girl, only to be traumatized by her murder. He has little time to grieve as he struggles to expose the conspiracy that led to her death.


The Secret of the Golden Flower Book Cover

The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Kundalini Meditation Method

This is a guidebook to using The Secret of the Golden Flower (SGF) as a meditation method for activating kundalini. An authoritative interpretation by someone, who, unlike Jung, Cleary, or Wilhelm, actually used the method to activate kundalini. This book compares their translations and commentaries with JJ Semple's empirical practice of the method.

Kundalini Musings Book Cover

Kundalini Musings

More and more people now acknowledge kundalini as scientifically factual with its own anatomical, physiological, and embryological actualities. Why? People have realized that kundalini is a biological process, not a belief system. Kundalini Musings (Life Force Books, 2018) is a compendium of kundalini knowledge and experience, consisting of 82 essays written over the past seven years. Each essay has been edited and updated to reflect a broad spectrum of kundalini research.

Deciphering the Golden Flower Book Cover

Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time

Curiosity and circumstance often propel individuals beyond the confines of their upbringing, dumping them into unfamiliar, unexpected life situations. Thus was JJ Semple transported into a trial-and-error process of self-discovery that took him from the East Coast Brahman establishment, to France, to a meeting with Gopi Krishna in India. What he found along the way was Kundalini, the biological basis of science and religion.

The Biology of Consciousness Book Cover

The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini

In this book, JJ Semple presents a collection of living case studies on Kundalini, documenting the many ways Kundalini is awakened, including sexual ecstasy, meditation, drugs, emotional crises, eye-gazing, and Shaktipat. Kundalini is a biological actuality. It is neither a supernatural cult, nor a religion, nor a sect. You can’t be "converted" to Kundalini any more than you can be converted to a heart attack or an orgasm, or any other biological phenomenon.

Backward Flowing Method Book Cover

The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death

Want to live a longer, healthier life? This book proposes specific exercises on the subject, instructing readers in the backward-flowing method, a powerful meditation technique that can also be used to control addiction. JJ Semple explains how the backward-flowing method, a system for safe sexual sublimation, permanently activates Kundalini by stimulating neuroplastic activity in the brain.

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness Book Cover

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini

First, there’s a limited amount of semen in the male body. Neither you, nor I, can change this; it’s a biological fact. Second, although you can’t replenish what’s been lost, you can conserve what’s left. Higher consciousness and sexual sublimation (diverting sexual energy to the brain) are inextricably linked.

Female Kundalini by Margaret Dempsey Book Cover

Female Kundalini

In Margaret Dempsey’s case, years of Buddhist meditation, galvanized by a traumatic contact with an attractive man, triggered the “uprising of Shakti.” Her honesty in not glamorizing her awakening attests to its authenticity. The author’s real Self, to which Kundalini eventually brought her, is in evidence from page one, as she describes her upbringing in Catholic Ireland, her days in a boarding school run by nuns, her training as a nurse, and her escape to London, New York and India.

Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy of Man by Gopi Krishna Book Cover

Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man

JJ Semple met Gopi Krishna in 1977 on a visit to Kashmir, four years after his own Kundalini awakening. After relating his Kundalini experience to Krishna, they talked about the effects of sexual activity on kundalini energy, diet, the stress of work, travel, handling illness, and exercise. In his extraordinary biographical account of his experience with the mysterious Kundalini Power, a book that is already a classic in its field, Gopi Krishna wraps his insights on kundalini around a powerful personal narrative.

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