It’s the day after your Kundalini awakening. Now what are you going to do?

About Energy Cultivation and Prana

Our books investigate the Life Force phenomenon in all its aspects: energy cultivation techniques, sexual alchemy, self-healing, diaphragmatic deep breathing, Prana, overcoming Karmic bondage, facing death without fear, kundalini, NDE, OBE, bodily rejuvenation, Raw Foods, spontaneous appearance of creative talents, aptitudes, or faculties, and slowing down the aging process. Often, this type of investigation takes the form of a personal transformation, investigators finding methods that work and setting aside those that do not. In other words, creative individuals using the scientific method to verify metaphysical experiences. How do they do this? They use their bodies as laboratories and their powers of observation to verify empirically each and every step of the transformational process.

Up to now self-styled holy men and gurus have told us Kundalini was an esoteric process for raising consciousness. They’ve told us they could instruct novices and experts alike — as long as they were willing to pay. The problem is that classifying Kundalini as a means to “spiritual enlightenment” limits its benefits to a realm many people have neither the time nor the inclination to explore. What’s more, many people are put off by terms like “higher consciousness” and “enlightenment.” On the other hand, if they knew that Kundalini Meditation had therapeutic health benefits, they’d be eager to learn about it. Says JJ Semple, “My students tell me, ‘Don’t give me something to believe in; give me something to DO! I want techniques for self-healing. I also want to awaken, to become enlightened.’”I tell them that, even with an aroused kundalini, awakening is a gradual process: “The ultimate aim of meditation is to become more and more conscious. Enlightenment, therefore, is becoming fully conscious, and I’ve never met anyone who’s accomplished that overnight. ”Perhaps, you don’t think there’s such a thing as “The Life Force.” You’d be mistaken. Our books on kundalini and energy cultivation techniques cover a variety of topics ranging from kundalini meditation to sexual alchemy; they feature accounts of  energy activation that can only be understood as the stirring of a life force energy. There is no other explanation.

Energy Cultivation and Prana to avoid dualism
And Death Shall Have No Dominion

The Fortuitous Rediscovery of an Ancient Method

According to the Dalai Lama, in the material world, scientists use a paradigm where, “only knowledge derived through a strict empirical method underpinned by observation, inference, and experimental verification can be considered valid.” Perhaps naively, but with utmost conviction, Life Force Books asks: Why can’t these same principles be applied to the metaphysical world? We believe that JJ Semple’s work with Kundalini supports this hypothesis. Why?

Years ago, a stranger handed JJ Semple a book called, The Secret of the Golden Flower. Not only  was he not a scholar, he had trouble understanding the yogic practices of this book, not to mention its metaphysical aspects. Eventually, he realized it was a treatise on meditation and sexual alchemy, but he wondered if such an ancient text could apply to the modern world. Were its precepts still valid? Only after practicing it did he find the answer — that the metaphysical is the result of certain physical practices.

Along the way there were lots of twists and turns, false starts and missteps. Nevertheless, he persisted. “As a result of my practice,” says JJ Semple, “my body has been wholly reconditioned, my health restored. Moreover, the meditation I practiced corrected a childhood deformity. Long after, I discovered this healing miracle was due to a secret breath control technique called the backward-flowing method, the application of which, led to the permanent awakening of my Kundalini. Once awakened, my Kundalini triggered a sexual sublimation mechanism — the Life Force, I call it — which then sought out and corrected any and all structural imperfections.” These discoveries are described his book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time.

GFM Assures a Predictable Outcome

Deciphering The Secret of the Golden Flower and condensing its secrets into a viable method of kundalini meditation took time, over thirty years, in fact. Now, having personally verified the effectiveness of this method and its healing capabilities, JJ Semple realized it was time to reveal the ancient wisdom of the Golden Flower to the world. “I’ve modernized it into a six-step method I call Golden Flower Meditation (GFM).

“When people ask me what GFM is about, I reply, it’s more than Kundalini, it’s a self-study course in empirical Life Force Science, an approach to living anyone can apply. It’s a system that makes healing bodily imperfections and restoring overall health the primary goals.”

Kundalini-Life Force Science and Dying

Scared to death of dying? You don’t have to be. Death is a natural occurrence, yet most people don’t realize they can plan for it while still alive. The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death provides instruction on self-awareness training and specific energy cultivation techniques used in the Science and Art of Dying. That’s right, DEATH. The Big D! By learning the backward-flowing method, a powerful alchemical/meditation technique, you will master the secrets to prolonging life and practice the procedures used by the ancient adepts in their preparations for death. Learn the secrets of Tibetan and Chinese alchemy. Prepare for the inevitable while there’s still time.

“My work,” says JJ Semple, “is inspired by a variety of teachers, writers and practitioners, including Gopi Krishna, Milarepa, and Lao Tse.” For detailed biographical information, read Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, the first of many books dedicated to the alchemical/meditation principles and practices involved in activating the Kundalini-Life Force and awakening the extraordinary autonomic self-healing powers of the human body.