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Achieving higher states of consciousness requires practice, patience, and knowledge. One of the surest ways of ascertaining whether energy cultivation techniques — the tools for jump-starting consciousness — are for you is by reading the accounts and absorbing first-hand reference materials of those who have used techniques such as, Diaphragmatic Deep BreathingGolden Flower Meditation, and the backward-flowing method. Our books and other media provide a valuable, first-hand resource for those seeking life-changing metaphysical experiences.

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The purpose of Life Force Books is to demystify energy cultivation techniques such as kundalini, higher consciousness, and metaphysical experience. Books by JJ Semple contain living narratives of his Kundalini experience: how he awakened it, how he lives with it, and how he uses its creative energies in art, music, writing, film production, and everyday life. Books by Neil Bethell SInclair explore the creative inspiration brought about by his Kundalini experience.

Greater Awareness Fiction Department feature books by Cliff Terrell, including The Shooting Case and Natalie, by Paul Lyons.


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