Astral Consciousness: Out of Body Explorations
  by Akhena

The Search for Authenticity

Out of Body experience (OBE) allows you to explore the multi-dimensional universe of consciousness. It doesn't involve special gifts. OBE allows you to realize that you are more than a mere physical body. OBE is neither an escape nor a hiding-place. During an OBE, you are constantly reminded of reality. In fact, OBE requires that you keep your feet firmly on the ground.When exploring topics like Out of Body (OBE), kundalini, and Near Death Experience, authenticity is of utmost importance. And that’s why Akhena stands out. Her teachings, her writings, and the effort and sincerity she puts into them is apparent on the first page of her book. Talk about stripping oneself bare or baring the soul!


Says the author, “When I look back at my own journey (I'm almost 65 years old), I see how Out of Body Experience (OBE) radically changed my life and gave it meaning. I'm very happy that I chose to give myself over to practicing and teaching Out of Body Experience.”

Is there a link between kundalini and OBE? Akhena explains it thusly: “Our personal desire is important in the preparatory work. The exercises are at once the activation of the kundalini fire and the simulation of its rising up — preparations, but not the real thing. We heat up the fuel and get the motor ready to work, but the spark plug is not active so nothing really happens. The kundalini fire only rises up in the spinal cord at the actual moment of leaving the body. However, these exercises still induce strong reactions, because the preparation is real, even if the final passage to action does not occur.”

JJ Semple Concurs

"Is an active kundalini necessary for OBE? It certainly doesn't hurt. Kundalini shares most of, if not all of, these effects. But is it absolutely necessary? Aren’t the effects of an OBE a subset of Kundalini effects? Given the large number of OBE accounts over the centuries, I think they are. People have been experiencing OBEs without ever knowing about, or even having heard, the term Kundalini. In its own right — Kundalini is perhaps more difficult to activate. Again, I have experienced the Out-of-Body state spontaneously, and also as a result of Kundalini. Perhaps, my first experience acted as a 'warm-up' — a signal that this faculty would lie dormant until my meta-body was sufficiently reprogrammed, in my case, by Kundalini, a condition that would eventually enable me to summon my Astral Body at will.”

Shirley MacLaine & Jack Lemmon in The Apartment

The Apartment (1960) - Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon

OBE is quite commonplace. Yes, there are many accounts, from well-know Hollywood actresses like Shirley MacLaine to insignificant nobodys, which, by the way, speaks to authenticity.

This may be laughed at in some quarters, but the sheer number of accounts and their similarities, irregardless of geography, culture, education, and language, is proof that these accounts, and the real adventures they describe, are more than coincidence.

And that’s where Akhena’s OBE lessons and books excel; they feature exhaustive amounts of practical infomation on:

  • Spirit Guides and Entities
  • The Various Bodies (Astral, Etheric, Physical)
  • Meetings with Evil Beings
  • OBE and Cats
  • Re-entering the Wrong Body
  • Diet and OBE
  • Is OBE Dangerous?
  • Couples and OBE
  • The Vibratory State
  • The Chances of Succeeding OBE
  • Losing Contact with Reality
  • Not Wanting to Return from an OBE
  • Damage to Your Physical Body
  • Damage to Your Astral Body
  • The Divine Soul