The Spirit Flies Free: The Kundalini Poems
  by Neil Bethell Sinclair

The Spirit Flies Free: The Kundalini Poems

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Neil Sinclair's poems are examples of the creativity unleashed by Kundalini. After undergoing a profound spiritual awakening as a student in 1973, author Neil Bethell Sinclair suddenly feels compelled to write. Inexplicably, words come to him and he writes them down, almost as if a higher power is dictating them. Channeling some call it. Sudden acquisition of faculties like channelling are the whole point of Life Force Science — that Kundalini awakens a deeper consciousness capable of triggering effects such as channelling, prescience, received knowledge, and extraordinary cognition.

You might imagine, however, that the subject matter of such poems would focus only on lofty spiritual topics. Yet these poems not only plumb the depths of the spiritual exploration, they encompass the entirety of human experience, from politics to love, from current events to personal identity. Sinclair’s poems are inspired, and they are also fun, witty, and relevant.

Says JJ Semple: "Perhaps, to some extent, all poetry is channeled. As for Neil’s poetry, I am convinced it is channeled. Why? Because his prose is set down in an altogether different voice. Worlds apart, the poems echo strains of the Milky Way, while his prose is earthbound. I take it as a sign of divine inspiration or extraordinary cognition, as one writer described it — that some sentient entity from the great beyond fed him the lines, the rhymes, the meter.”

Although they are similar to states of feeling, mystical states seem to those who experience them to be also states of knowledge. They are states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect." ~William James

The Infinitude of Tao

The poet’s mind opens to

Another world of ideas,

Sources of knowledge,

The mind of God.

All rules are suspended,

Truth flows in rhyme, in meter,

The incantations of the One.

Flowing on steeds of light,

Pouring forth sunrises,

Crystals blazing with the

Infinitude of Tao.

                                                                                     ~Neil Bethell Sinclair 

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I believe in the idea that everything means something. Nothing is without meaning. ~ Neil Sinclair
Much of Sinclair's actual process has to do with the mechanical interaction of hands and brain. "Thus the transfer of neurological instructions from right arm to left arm through the corpus callosum is only identical in mirror-writing. For this reason, it is fairly easy to learn to write left-handed from right to left, if one is ordinarily right-handed. If one reads it in the mirror, it looks normal.

"When I write with my left hand from right to left, my conceptual flow improves. My analytic brain is sharper when writing that way. While in college, after mastering the technique, I began to take notes in class this way and my grades went up from Bs to As.

"It is also true that the eyes are left-right oriented, but in this case each eye’s field of vision is separated left-right. In other words, the left half of each eye’s vision goes to the right brain, and the right half of each eye’s vision goes to the left brain. Thus glancing to the left stimulates right brain function, while glancing to the right, the signals go more to the left brain."

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