Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing

The goal of Golden Flower Meditation is to activate the Kundalini-Life Force. The Life Force has many names: sublimation, Kundalini, Tantra, alchemy, Serpent power, primordial energy, cosmic power, Qi, Reiki, or primal spirit. Although it has many names, all the names boil down to the practice of activating the dormant Kundalini-Life Force present in every human being. Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing represents the crucial first step of the Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation method, a step each practitioner must learn before attempting the backward-flowing method.

The exercises in the Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing CD are set to Universal World genre music composed and arranged by JJ Semple. The music blends seamlessly with spoken instructions on using the diaphragm with every breath you take. You can purchase this CD from, through a direct link from this Web site.

"I don't charge for the method," says JJ Semple, "in fact, I give it away through my books and on this website. Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time describes the method in easy-to-understand, non-technical language and my new book, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death takes the subject even further.


"I don't have a PhD. I never studied meditation with a well-known teacher. Yet, by patiently working my way through The Secret of the Golden Flower on my own, I discovered a treasure trove of secret techniques and taught myself how to use them. The most important was the backward-flowing method, a technique so secret the ancients swore an oath never to reveal it. I didn't stop there; I mastered all the techniques and I've molded them into the world's first method for safe, permanent Kundalini awakening. In fact, I've put this completely original information into three books about Golden Flower Meditation. This material is not available anywhere else.”

Golden Flower Meditation is for people who become impatient with other methods, or for self-learners. JJ Semple has used it with students all over the world — students who have bought his books and started corresponding with him. Many students previously worked with other teachers, then quit. Some after studying for many years. They told him they weren't sure what they're supposed to be doing, feeling, or listening for, so they eventually gave up. No matter how stuck they felt they were, he was able to guide them through the process. Working with him allowed them to learn the self-reliance, self-monitoring principles necessary for true success in any walk of life.

"When students tell me, 'I don't want something to believe in; give me something to DO, something concrete!' I know just how they feel. They don’t want riddles, word games, or kōans; they want practical guidelines. I give them specific exercises. They learn the signs to look and listen for as their practice moves forward."