It’s the day after your Kundalini awakening. Now what are you going to do?

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Achieving higher states of consciousness requires practice, patience, and knowledge. One of the surest ways of ascertaining whether energy cultivation techniques — the tools for jump-starting consciousness — are for you is by reading the accounts and absorbing first-hand reference materials of those who have used techniques such as, Diaphragmatic Deep BreathingGolden Flower Meditation, energy cultivation, and the backward-flowing method. Our books and other media provide a valuable, first-hand resource for those seeking life-changing metaphysical experiences.

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The Purpose of Life Force Books

Life Force Books demystifies energy cultivation phenomena such as kundalini, higher consciousness, and metaphysical experience. Books by JJ Semple contain living narratives of his Kundalini experience: the practices and techniques he used to awaken it, how he lives with it, and how its creative energy manifests itself in art, music, writing, film production, and everyday life.

“My books describe the Kundalini awakening process,” says JJ Semple, “They explain how Kundalini is not only a source of energy available to all human beings, but also a providential inevitability. Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time is a memoir of my Kundalini experience in easy-to-understand, non-technical language; it also explains the Karmic logic behind my experience, how “self-realization begins at birth; it is the journey as much as it is the destination.” If you’ve ever experienced feelings that “there’s something out there,” you’ll love his masterful account of spiritual awakening.

Books by Margaret Dempsey feature an inspiring memoir of spiritual exploration and the travels and sacrifices that inspired her journey.

“I believe that my experience can prepare others for the kinds of challenges they might encounter in activating Kundalini.” The author’s real Self, to which Kundalini eventually brought her, is in evidence from page one, as she describes her upbringing in Catholic Ireland, her days in a boarding school run by nuns, her training as a nurse, and her escape to London, New York and India.