It’s the day after your Kundalini awakening. Now what are you going to do?

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness Book Cover

The Sexology of Kundalini

Higher consciousness and sexual sublimation (diverting sexual energy to the brain) are inextricably linked in most of the world’s meditation methods, especially those that target Kundalini activation. So where does seminal retention fit in? Seminal retention techniques can be used by male practitioners who want to continue sexual relations without the loss of psychic fuel derived from semen and without suffering the deleterious effects associated with ejaculation.

Best meditation practices dictate renouncing ejaculation and sexual relations. Nevertheless, seminal retention techniques do provide a compromise for males not able or not willing to give up sex. They are also of interest to female practitioners.

Let the Real Force Be With You!

Best meditation practices dictate renouncing ejaculation and sexual relations. Nevertheless, seminal retention techniques do provide a compromise for males not able or not willing to give up sex. They are also of interest to female practitioners.

Says JJ Semple about learning, mastering and applying these techniques: “Over time, it wasn’t so much my abilities as a lover as it was the things she taught me. I don’t know where she learned them, whether it was from previous partners or whether she instinctively knew what worked and what didn’t, but what we perfected during our years together led me to uncover the secrets of seminal retention featured in this book.

“I’m not talking about mere techniques or exercises for seminal retention — they’re ubiquitous, all over the Internet, anyone can find them — I’m talking about the necessary preparatory steps for mastering these techniques. It’s one thing to know about them, another to master and apply them in real situations. And that’s what this book gives you — mastery of seminal retention techniques that will not only benefit your spiritual wellbeing, but will also delight your partner.”

"One night many years ago, my girlfriend and I were visiting friends in New York, arriving at their apartment quite late. Together, we had a quick snack before retiring to the guest room, exhausted. But before we could get to sleep, we began to hear “activity” on the other side of the wall.”

Excerpt From: JJ Semple's - Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini

In the East, people have always known about the connection between higher consciousness and what goes on below the waist. Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini explores this connection, and its sexological implications.

"First, there’s a limited amount of semen in the male body. Neither you, nor I, can change this; it’s a biological fact. Second, although you can’t replenish what’s been lost, you can conserve what’s left.”

That’s been one of the secrets in pursuing spiritual pastimes such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Tantra, Tai Chi in the East: that, sooner or later, when one is about to “run out of” life force energy imbued in semen or cervical fluid, it’s a good time think about sublimating sexual appetites in favor of energy cultivation techniques that actually condense and distill sexual fluids and then divert the resulting elixir to the brain in order to expand consciousness.

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The ancient adepts who raised kundalini said that avoiding ejaculation was an absolute imperative. And yet, it’s understandable that today’s young, vital individuals working on kundalini activation techniques want to maintain a normal sex life. Formerly, the only way to avoid the deleterious physiological and psychological effects linked to ejaculation was to avoid sex altogether after activating kundalini. That hasn’t seemed to work for this, or any other generation: The sex drive is too powerful to simply put it on the back burner in favor of abstinence or abstention. What’s more, today’s Now! generation wants instant gratification — their cake and eat it too. Or, free license to orgasm at will, at the same time, they pursue higher consciousness.

JJ Carrying Hay in a field
Bailing Hay, Normandy, France 1980

Fortunately, there is a way to reconcile the two, a series of seminal retention techniques I discovered after activating kundalini. But before discussing these secret techniques, let’s examine some of the effects various authorities on kundalini have had to deal with.

First, Gopi Krishna writing in 1977: “At the present time, allowing for different constitutions and different types of men, also different degrees of vigor, we can say, with the ancient masters also, that perhaps twice a week to once in two weeks would be a safe measure for indulgence in the sexual act. This is of absolute importance for those who would like to awaken the Serpent Power. Their proneness to sex desire must be under stern control. The least weakness, the least tendency to erotic desire, the least breach of discipline can be attended by gravest danger.

“On one occasion, after months of abstention, I prematurely had a contact with my wife. The next moment, because the energy did not come up to feed the brain, and I was in an expanded state of consciousness, I seemed to sink into a pit of horror and terror, so much so that I thought that if nothing happened to me to save me from this terrible situation, I would die. The same thing happens to the insane. Uncontrolled sex, overindulgence in sex makes us more prone to hysteria and neurosis and psychosis and also repression of the sexual impulse creates the same conditions of the brain.

“Exceptions can be made for people with exceptionally vigorous constitutions, but such cares are rare and many times, those who believe that they have great sexual prowess are deluded in their estimation. They realize their mistakes when they are sixty or seventy years old. Many personal experiences have been related to me by people in search of higher consciousness — people who are meditating to gain union with the divine, and there have been many, many cases in which men of advanced age have repented the folly in their youth. Excessive sexual indulgence is as repugnant to nature as its repression. For a healthy body and mind, as I have said, the middle path is the best.”

Seminal retention techniques offer a compromise: for instance, twice a week, as Gopi Krishna suggested, but without the onus of having to ejaculate.

“My head is imploding and the elixir is being summoned to my brain for life support. I curl up in a fetal position. To no avail, my nerves are like an electrical fire searing the very conduits that enclose them and there isn’t enough elixir to cool them. I sit up, unable to slip from dozing into sleep. I am wide awake. Certainly, if I try to lead a normal sex life, I’ll simply exhaust my resources. Every factory runs on power; this one manufactures its own. And the conduits, which convey the energy to the replenishment points, are burning up. For one thing, they need nourishment. I can feel the elixir waning and, as Gopi Krishna put it, ‘a tongue of golden flame searching my stomach for food.’”

Excerpt from: Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time Tweet

On Conserving the Seed

As the following citation from 6th Century Taoist masterpiece, The Secret of the Golden Flower, emphasizes, the ancients felt very strongly about squandering the vital essence distilled from semen or cervical fluid (in the case of a woman): “An ancient adept said: ‘Formerly, every school knew this jewel, only fools did not know it wholly.’ If we reflect on this we see that the ancients attained long life by the help of the seed energy present in their own bodies, and did not lengthen their years by swallowing this or that type of elixir. But the worldly people lost the roots and clung to the treetops.”

Once awakened, kundalini — the biological well from which higher consciousness springs — works like the boiler room in a factory that must be constantly fed. Not only fed, the fire must burn in a controlled manner — not to hot, not too cold. If it doesn’t, everything in the factory comes to a screeching halt. In the case of a kundalini adept, allowing the distilled energy to flow out induces, not only physical and/or psychological pain, it can actually end in illness if the kundalini mechanism in the brain is unable to receive the energy it craves. Kundalini is alchemy; it uses distilled sexual substances in men and women to stimulate and expand consciousness and heal the body. To do this, it distills sexual fluids and draws them up the spine to the brain in order to activate the dormant kundalini.

So while kundalini forms the biological basis for higher consciousness, an over active sex life inhibits the process, triggering remorse and pain, especially as the practitioner grows older. How do you reconcile living with kundalini and leading a normal sex life? I learned the hard way, but you don’t have to. Not if you take the time to master the techniques discussed in this book. Yes, I suffered bouts of physical pain, like the ones described above, that led me to seek and ultimately find techniques that not only allowed me to continue sexual relations, but also allowed me and my partners to experiment with new pleasures.

In ancient times, sexual relations and higher consciousness were a no-no. Today, seekers want both. And they can have them…within reason. The biology hasn’t changed; Kundalini still needs pranic energy, the psychic fuel generated and sublimated by the practice of Kundalini meditation. But, if you can control the energy as it surges up the spine into the brain and not allow it to flow out, you can navigate the tricky waters between sublimation and ejaculation.