It’s the day after your Kundalini awakening. Now what are you going to do?

The Backward-Flowing Method

Backward Flowing Method Book Cover

What is the Backward-Flowing Method​?

The short answer is the secret of life and death. The long answer is a safe, permanent way of awakening Kundalini. JJ Semple’s previous book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, told the story of his Kundalini awakening. Now, in The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death, he examines the meditation techniques that led to his awakening. Most misunderstood of all is the backward flowing method, a technique for sexual sublimation whose goal is activating the Kundalini-Life Force, a procedure so secret the ancients took an oath never to reveal it. Semple analyzes meditation practices across cultures and throughout the ages, proving decisively that the backward-flowing method is the Secret of Life. He traces its origins to The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Secret of the Golden Flower, compendiums of secret teachings dealing with the hidden biological sub-systems of the body.

For centuries, man has explored the body, gradually learning about its various sub-systems: Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Skeletal System, Digestive System, Muscular System, etc. The more physically “obvious to the naked eye” the sub-system, the more visible it was, the easier it was to locate. The Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems were less visible, therefore, they were “discovered” relatively recently. That doesn’t mean they weren’t there all along. Kundalini is an evolutionary actuality, a biological reality present in every living body. It belongs to an even more “invisible” sub-system, known as Chakras, or energy centers.

Authors like Gary Osborn describe the Chakras as “metaphysical counterparts to the endocrine glands.” However, claims such as this are always followed by disclaimers that “these associations have never been scientifically verified.” Nevertheless, Kundalini, as a by-prodcut of refined Chakra energy, is part of evolutionary biology, even though its presence — much like the Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems in the past — has not yet been detected by outside observers. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, only that it hasn’t yet been discovered…except by the millions that have actually awakened it. This book is dedicated to them.

Island of Formentara, Spain
JJ Semple - Formentara, Spain, Circa 1985

The Backward-Flowing Method and Nerve Revitalization

How does the backward-flowing method affect nerve revitalization? Once Kundalini is awakened, it uses the nervous system as a communication network, first to diagnose, and second, to flood affected areas with vital Life Force energy. That’s right, any area or region of the body afflicted with a nervous disorder is detected by the Life Force sensors. Every part of the body has a corresponding region in the brain. The Life Force revitalizes the region of the brain that governs and controls the afflicted body area. Autonomic self-healing mechanisms, awakened by Kundalini, actually saturate specific brain locations with healing Life Force energy. Over time, the affected body area is restored to full functionality.

JJ Semple's spiritual progress flowchart
The Kundalini Arousal Process Flowchart

For anyone wishing to connect the dots between the various aspects of the Secret Teachings, this book is a must. The author describes how the backward-flowing method transformed his entire being, concluding that if the method is capable of producing such life-altering results, it must be powerful enough to produce these results time after time over any given number of subjects — truly a scientific breakthrough in meditation practice and evolutionary biology.

What kind of results are discussed in this book?

  • Triggering autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects related to neural degeneration;
  • Rejuvenating the body, retarding the aging process, stimulating neuroplastic activity;
  • Reversing self-destructive and addictive behavior;
  • Heightening and enhancing consciousness to effect release from Karmic bondage;
  • Facing death without fear and facilitating the transition into the next state of being.

The Backward-Flowing Method and Addiction

This book also contains vital information on the nature of addiction and proposes a revolutionary means of overcoming it. Did you know that all addicts — dopers, drinkers, smokers, eaters, gamblers, shoppers, lechers — pursue their addictions to trigger the dopamine response? That’s the element they crave; it isn’t heroin, or sex, or alcohol, or tobacco, per se; it’s dopamine, a chemical element the body produces and releases into the brain to satisfy a craving. In effect, the reward or payoff takes place in the brain, not the penis, or the stomach, or any other part of the body. Most methods of fighting addiction are based on reprogramming or behavior modification — a process that “trains” the addict to replace his bad habits with good ones. Reprogramming has a low rate of success and a high rate of recidivism. The backward-flowing method, on the other hand, doesn’t use behavior modification. It uses sublimation, a process that alleviates the cravings the addict feels.

The Backward-Flowing Method and Death

Scared to death of dying? You don’t have to be. Death is a natural occurrence, yet most people don’t realize they can plan for it while still alive. The backward-flowing method, a powerful meditation technique, you will enable you to master the secrets of prolonging life and the procedures used by the ancient adepts to prepare for death. This is not some sort of morbid philosophy or ritual; it’s an update of the techniques first described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Modernized by the author, these techniques involve advanced self-awareness exercises used by the Tibetans in their preparations for death. Says JJ Semple, “Preparing for death is something that should be done while you’re living. Sounds funny, I know. The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death, not only explores the Secret of Life as laid out in The Secret of the Golden Flower, it instructs you on the science and art of dying. It’s about preparing for the inevitable while there’s still time.”

Finally, this book addresses “the universality of man’s spiritual achievements.” Says JJ Semple, “My books are about redemption and transcendence. But so were the Middle Ages — about scourging the body in order to transcend it. My work isn’t about scourging the body; it’s about perfecting it in order to transcend it, in order to develop and maintain perfect health and mental awareness right through the golden years. Beyond that — into your next incarnation.”