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The Biology of Consciousness

The Biology of Consciousness Book Cover

Case Studies in Kundalini

The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini (Life Force Books, 2014) is an evidence-based examination on whether consciousness "exists" after death and, if so, the role Kundalini plays. Taking up where he left off with Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time (Life Force Books, 2007) and The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death (Life Force Books, 2008), author JJ Semple explores a daring new hypothesis: that an active Kundalini is capable of modifying an individual's DNA and then passing the beneficial mutations on to future generations. Not only are helpful mutations passed along to future generations, the individual retains these Kundalini-induced characteristics and incorporates them into his/her next worldly incarnation. Kundalini is a biological actuality, a primordial energy in every human being, capable of modifying DNA in a single lifetime.

Nevertheless, many people are confused by its real nature, so we must define it accurately, starting with what it is not. It is neither a supernatural cult, nor a religion, nor a sect. You can’t be “converted” to Kundalini any more than you can be converted to a heart attack or an orgasm, or any other biological phenomenon. That’s the nature of biological processes; they just happen, sometimes voluntarily, like an orgasm; sometimes involuntarily, like a heart attack. Kundalini can be triggered either way — voluntarily or involuntarily.

What the Huffington Post had to say about Case Studies in Kundalini

"I was fascinated to read recently the personal accounts that make up most of JJ Semple's new book, The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini. Semple defines kundalini as: '...A biological subsystem that remains inactive until summoned through meditation or other triggers that, once activated, send distilled sexual energy to the brain via a sexual sublimation process.’ "

Dal Lake, Kaashmir
In India to Meet With Gopi Krishna - JJ Semple and Guide, Kashmir, 1977

The prestigous Kirkus Reviews had this to say about Case Studies in Kundalini:

"The author fleshes out the book with a dramatic section devoted to case studies of different types of Kundalini encounters, showing the different ways that practitioners "awaken" energies inside themselves, as well as how Kundalini helps people tackle personal challenges. These studies give the work an instantly relatable, human dimension that's often missing from books of this kind and underscores Semple's approachable, ordinary-guy tone throughout. New readers approaching this complicated subject will feel immediately at ease, and longtime Kundalini practitioners will no doubt find details that remind them of their own experiences."

From The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini:

“As part of an Energy Continuum, our beings improve continually, spurred on by a mechanism Gopi Krishna called the ‘evolutionary impulse,’ a mechanism pushing us toward super-consciousness. It’s a cosmology that inter-relates all matter, DNA being the agent that records the specifications that determine the form, shape, characteristics, and abilities of all organisms.

DNA Is Constantly Changing through the Process of Mutation

"DNA is a dynamic and adaptable molecule. As such, the nucleotide sequences found within it are subject to change as the result of a phenomenon called mutation. Depending on how a particular mutation modifies an organism's genetic makeup, it can prove harmless, helpful, or even hurtful. Sometimes, a mutation may even cause dramatic changes in the physiology of an affected organism. Of course, in order to better understand the varying effects of mutations, it is first necessary to understand what mutations are and how they occur.”


Don’t let the term “mutation” scare you. We’re not talking about science fiction, mutants, or cyborgs. Mutations are the currency of evolution. They are harmless, helpful, or sometimes hurtful. Kundalini, activated in a permanent, safe, voluntary, repeatable fashion, modifies DNA in many ways.

The case studies at the heart of The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini explore this process — its cosmology, the forces that guide it, the role of human biology in consciousness.

Kundalini is a Biological Actuality

A primordial energy in all human beings, Kundalini is trans-national, trans-cultural, and, most important trans-denominational. All of which speaks to a unified cosmology of life. That we are really intertwined in so many ways, in spite of the self-imposed barriers we erect to separate us from each other and from the super-consciousness that permeates all of existence.

If individuals are to achieve self-actualization during a single lifetime, Kundalini will be the gating agent for this evolutionary leap. Whether it’s practicing ancient methods of meditation or newly developed methods, Kundalini is the trigger. Meditation may provide the shortest path, but there are other means of achieving the same results, including cases where individuals do absolutely nothing, but are still visited by a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. The one element all these experiences share across the board is a change in metabolism through a biological process known as sexual sublimation even though, in some instances, the individuals neither

detect nor feel any sexual activity. Some way or other, the subject’s metabolism produces a distilled form of sexual energy that gets released into the brain, activating Kundalini, which immediately restores health, stimulates creative abilities, alters negative behavior patterns, retards the aging process, and expands consciousness. Of course, the effects are more beneficial when Kundalini is induced through a meditation program such as GFM.

More Case Study quotes from The Biology of Consciousness:

"Kundalini was the last thing on my mind when I finally experienced it. I was fully entrenched in the practical life of an MD, leading a normal existence with only occasional feelings of spiritual emptiness, but most of the time engrossed in getting through the day.” ~ Simmi G. "I watched as a feeling of orgasmic, expansive joy began swelling inside me, a golden expanding spherical wave of energy. This sense of sheer pleasure, rapture, nirvana, expanded to its outer limit rose up to a new level inside me, a higher frequency of pleasure, expanded again to its limit. This cycle of expanding pleasure and rising to a new level kept happening until I reached the highest pitch of ecstasy.” ~ Neil B. "I haven’t overcome my anxiety issues, but I now have people who treat my anxiety as an illness. During analysis, I don’t mix in Kundalini; everything in its own time. I wish analysts could accept the metaphysical. At the present time they can’t, just like some people can’t accept any form of mental illness.” ~ Brian R.

"This book offers a unique and important view on kundalini energy/awakening with the view that the process is a biologic/scientific phenomenon, a highly valid perspective, I believe.” "A lot of work and experience has gone into this book from someone who has lived through, and tried to understand or analyze what is going on, but from a more pragmatic and rational intelligent perspective.” "JJ is becoming one of the most genuine voices on the matter. Definitely worth a read.” "This book brings together many Kundalini concepts under one roof. The case studies are great for understanding how the Kundalini process can work differently in the individual. I recommend this book for those wish to explore the hidden links between Kundalini and neuroplasticity, DNA, science, evolution, God, consciousness and awakenings. This book is a simple read and very engaging. If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Kundalini phenomenon on a personal level, then this book is for you."

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