Life Force Books seeks personal narratives on redemption and transcendence. Dark Night of the Soul sort of stuff — with an uplifting twist. Life changes induced by the struggle to overcome obstacles and vanquish fear. A life change brought about by anything from a Kundalini awakening to a drug-induced epiphany. As long as it involves individual effort to overcome self-destructive tendencies, we’re interested. We want stories of personal transformation, stories that have allowed the writer to discover something original about the meaning of life and the power of the Life Force. Have you got a manuscript?

Often, an individual may not realize he/she has experienced a Kundalini awakening or succumbed to addiction. This can be disconcerting to say the least; it is often much more, sometimes leading to a Dark Night of the Soul type of experience that immobilizes the individual for a considerable period of time. In fact, individuals in the grip of addiction or a relationship gone sour may feel powerless. Many, however, recover in time and go on to lead extraordinarily creative lives. Writing about the experience empowers individuals, providing them with the self-confidence to redeem their lives.

Life Force Books welcomes manuscripts by:

  • Older, senior writers. We are looking for the wisdom of the ages, intimate memoirs of spiritual torment and struggle.
  • Younger writers who have had their lives changed as a result a struggle against addiction, war, rage, criminal activity, or difficult relationships.
  • Female writers, who may be able to qualify the differences, if any, between Kundalini awakenings lived by women as opposed to those of menfolk, Are there any differences? If so, what are they?

If this is you, Life Force Books understands your situation and we want to hear from you.

Life Force Books specializes in trade paperback books, audiobook CDs, and other specialty CDs and DVDs related to the scientific investigation life changing phenomenon, notably discoveries in self-healing, structural and muscular restoration, autonomic stimulation of neuroplasticity activity, sexual sublimation, the spontaneous acquisition of metanormal talents or faculties, nerve revitalization, and slowing down the aging process, expended consciousness, the challenges of living with Kundalini.

We publish materials on the meditation methods appropriate for safe, permanent Kundalini activation, in particular, restorative Golden Flower Meditation as described in The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death and The Secret of the Golden Flower. We also focus on sexual alchemy, on the use of meditation in overcoming addiction, on the preparations for facing death without fear as well as the cosmology of metaphysics, Kundalini yoga, raw foods, Chinese meditation, sublimation, Taoism, and Buddhism. Life Force Books is dedicated to making the secret consciousness-expanding kundalini meditation techniques of the ancient adepts available to modern practitioners.

If you are an author with a transformative life experience, Life Force Books wants to hear from you. Email us about your finished manuscript, if it:

  • Makes a significant contribution to Life Force Science (example, a discovery that counteracts the effects of aging or a kundalini meditation technique for perfecting the Kundalini awakening process).
  • Describes a genuine transformational life experience. The story should be supported by factual observations and descriptive steps for repeating the experience.
  • Is more than an anecdotal account of a one-time occurrence (it should provide verifiable empirical information on a permanent condition and how to replicate it).

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