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Golden Flower Meditation – There are many types of awakening experiences. Kundalini meditation and Kundalini Yoga are two. Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation method stimulates life force energy at the base of the spine. Kundalini meditation channels sexual energy to the brain to effect a release of life force energy.

Common Sense Kundalini – Questions you should be asking about Kundalini. Why do I want to activate Kundalini? How would Kundalini change my life? What does a kundalini awakening experience feel like? Is meditation the only way to awaken Kundalini? We can help you unravel the mystery with our kundalini awakening resources.

The Kundalini Consortium – Dedicated to the scientific exploration of awakening experience and human energy potential, such as kundalini, Nirvikalpa, neuroplasticity, energy and distance healing. How and why these biological phenomena function, their effect on the individual, and on individual and collective consciousness.

Editions Tilleul – Features biographies of the almost famous.

Technology and Nature - JJ Semple photography
Technology and Nature can Coexist

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness eBook

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